Taiwanese city sells pomelos and mangoes in Singapore

Tainan to take promotional tour on to Canada, Japan and China

Pomelos from Tainan at a supermarket in Singapore.

Pomelos from Tainan at a supermarket in Singapore. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – More than a hundred supermarkets in Singapore started selling pomelos, mangoes and other agricultural products from Tainan City Wednesday (August 28).

While Singapore is a majority ethnic Chinese city state with traditions and climate similar to Taiwan, its high population density has caused a shortage of agricultural land, making the appearance of Taiwanese fruit a welcome phenomenon at local supermarkets, the Central News Agency reported.

The Tainan City Government and several local farmers’ associations within the city were supplying 20 tons of mangoes, pomelos and other fruits and vegetables to NTUC FairPrice Co-Operative, one of Singapore’s largest supermarket chains.

The delegation was also visiting other major distributors in the city state, such as Sheng Siong, Hao Mart, Prime Supermarket and fruit importer Ban Choon Marketing.

The promotional action at the FairPrice Co-Operative outlets would last 16 days and be followed by similar events in Canada, Japan and China, city officials said.