Taiwan public urged to prevent dengue in wake of storm

Stagnant water left by rain should be removed

Typhoon Bailu triggers floods in Taitung (CNA photo)

Typhoon Bailu triggers floods in Taitung (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Members of the public are urged to take precautions against the threat of dengue fever in the wake of Typhoon Bailu, which is expected to bring torrential rain to the island in the coming days.

Residents are reminded to remove standing water from containers in their surroundings, which could become breeding sites for mosquito larvae. As of Sunday (Aug. 25), Taiwan has reported 75 indigenous cases of dengue, mostly in the southern part of the island, said Centers for Disease Control.

Among the locally-transmitted incidents, 51 were in Kaohsiung, 20 in Tainan, 2 in New Taipei City, 1 in Taoyuan, and 1 in Taipei. The number of imported cases, which stands at 326, has hit a record high compared to the same period over the past decade, said the CDC.

The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has pledged its effort to ensure water safety through enhanced monitoring and inspection, especially in flooded areas. According to the agency, 40 potable water samples collected in a spot check were found to meet quality standards as of Sunday.

Residents are advised to boil tap water before consumption in the wake of typhoons. Kettle lids should be removed for at least three minutes to allow for chlorine vaporization after the water reaches a boiling point.