Chinese in Chile urinate, harass Taiwan restaurant for backing Hong Kong

Hong Kong turmoil spilling over into many parts of the world

Screenshots of YouTube, Twitter videos

Screenshots of YouTube, Twitter videos

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Chinese man was spotted on Friday (Aug. 23) urinating at the gate of a restaurant owned by a Taiwanese businessman in Chile who supports the anti-extradition bill movement in Hong Kong.

The Liberty Times reported that a Taiwanese citizen surnamed Chang who runs a Taiwanese-style eatery called Pollo Chang in the South American country has seen his restaurant harassed by a number of Chinese residents over the past week.

A video posted by Tony O'Donnell on YouTube captured what he described as “a Wechat-organized Chinese mob in Santiago Chile shutting down [a] Taiwanese restaurant.” Individuals in the video were seen hanging up Chinese flags at the restaurant.

The motivation behind the acts was believed to be their discontent over Chang’s backing for the people of Hong Kong. The semi-autonomous city is gripped by months-long, at times violent, protests demanding greater democracy, the report said.

Taiwan’s de facto embassy in the country, the Taiwanese Representative Office in Santiago, Chile, has offered to provide legal assistance to the eatery owner. Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs also publicly denounced the “brutal and irrational conduct” of the Chinese nationals.

“The deplorable behavior of the Chinese expatriates in Chile involved in the incidents, believed to have stunned the world, are strongly condemned and despised by the government of Taiwan,” said MOFA spokesperson Joanne Ou (歐江安) in a statement, wrote the Central News Agency.