Taiwan to issue postage stamps featuring east coast

Hualien boasts plethora of natural attractions

Postages stamps featuring Hualien scenery (Chunghwa Post photo)

Postages stamps featuring Hualien scenery (Chunghwa Post photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A new set of postage stamps featuring the picturesque landscape of Hualien County in eastern Taiwan will go on sale Aug. 28 in a bid to promote tourism, announced Chunghwa Post on Friday (Aug. 23).

The set comprises four stamps, each sporting an iconic east coast scene: a sea of rape flowers in bloom along the coastal mountain range, Qixingtan Beach (七星潭), white-water rafting on Xiuguluan River (秀姑巒溪, and Taroko Gorge National Park's (太魯閣) Swallow Grotto (燕子口).

In addition, Chunghwa Post is holding a sale on 11 eco-themed stamps between Aug. 26 and Dec. 31. Those who purchase any of these products will enjoy a 20 percent discount.

According to the postal service company, the special-priced postage stamps and related merchandise feature a variety of flora and fauna indigenous to Taiwan. These span marine life, flowers, birds, mushrooms, herbs, and more.

The products are available at post offices around the island, the Postal Museum in Taipei, and the online store Postal Stamps Mall.