Taiwan company shows off violin played via machine learning

Taiwan CHELIC Corp. showed off device at the Taipei Industrial Automation Exhibition

Machine designed by Taiwan CHELIC Corp. to play violin

Machine designed by Taiwan CHELIC Corp. to play violin (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Taipei Industrial Automation Exhibition is being held at Taipei’s Nangang Exhibition Center this week.

At the event’s opening on Aug. 21, one display that caught visitors’ attention was a pneumatic precision instrument designed and programed to play the violin.The remarkable machine is exhibited by Taiwan CHELIC Corp. (台灣氣立) and displays how far machine learning and research in artificial intelligence has progress in recent years.

The Taiwan CHELIC Corp. has been devoting lots of investment into researching and developing machine components that will be integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT).For example, the automated robotic violin player is being used to display how communications technology and electric circuits can be integrated with pneumatically powered machines to accomplish very specific physical tasks.

Taiwan CHELIC Corp. specializes in air-pressure powered devices, along with a wide array of valve and cylinder designs used in machine manufacturing. The company hopes to be a major player in the IoT industrial revolution in areas of automation, medical equipment, factory maintenance, and teaching materials, reports the Central News Agency.

The Taipei Industrial Automation Exhibition will run through Saturday (Aug. 24). Check out the event’s official page for more information.