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Family club brings joy to 1,400 kids

More than 1,400 children in four municipalities in the Philippine province of Cavite 
benefitted from the OFW Family Club-Taiwan Chapter's Christmas ...

More than 1,400 children in four municipalities in the Philippine province of Cavite benefitted from the OFW Family Club-Taiwan Chapter's Christmas ...

Pinoys in Taiwan have helped put a smile on the faces of 1,400 children and youngsters in the province of Cavite last month.
According to the Bancaan Christian Church and the Shoreline Kabalikat sa Kaunlaran Inc., they were able to conduct six Children's Christmas Fellowship events from December 16 to 21, 2006 in the municipalities of Naic, Tanza, Ternate and Maragondon in Cavite with the help of the OFW Family Club-Taiwan Chapter.
Shoreline Kabalikat sa Kaunlaran Inc. is receiving assistance from the World Vision Development Foundation, the local office of WVI. Shoreline and Bancaan have been partners in several community-based activities.
"This (Christmas program) is an annual activity facilitated by the organization to give joy and laughter to the children and youth. For (2006), the activity was held in clusters so that children from different areas (could celebrate the wonderful season) with other sponsored children," the NGOs said.
The Christmas programs, gift-giving activities, and spiritual retreats would not have had been possible without the help of the OFW Family Club-Taiwan Chapter, they said.
The Club was able to raise over NT$50,000 for charity through its Christmas fund-raising campaign in Taiwan.
Focusing on the OFW Family Club's slogan "'Di Ka Nag-iisa, Kapamilya Kita," a Christmas program held on December 23, 2006 featured parlor games, gift-giving, and a simple salo-salo (meal). All children who attended the event received a gift pack containing apples, oranges, and toys.
The event was organized by a Christian education worker, Nelia Dublezo and a church mission worker, Pastor Stephen Cagalanan.
A similar program was held in the villages of Molino and San Juan. The 190 children who joined the event also received gift packs, the nonprofits said.
Ambassador Roy V. Seneres, founder of the OFW Family Club, was not able to grace the said event.
"Although (Ambassador Seneres) was not able to attend our event, we explained to all the participants that we couldn't have had done it without the kind assistance of the OFW Family Club and our fellow Filipinos in Taiwan. It had been said to them that God used the organization as an instrument or channel of blessings to make the event possible and successful. That is the love of God!" the NGOs said in a statement.
The nonprofits also conducted a Youth Christmas Retreat from December 25 to 26 at the Valley Cathedral in Cavite. Forty-eight high school students signed up for the retreat, they said.
"Since the church received a donation from the OFW Family Club-Taiwan Chapter, the participants need not worry about their food and lodging fees," said the NGOs, adding that the Club's donation covered those kids' expenses.
Topics such as the dangers of drug addiction, the importance of friendship, salvation, and the true meaning of the Christmas season were discussed during the retreat. The children also held Bible study sessions.
"On behalf of Shoreline and Bancaan Christian Church, we would like to express our deepest thanks to you (OFW Family Club-Taiwan Chapter President Ellen Panaligan) and your organization. Your support really made our activities for the children and youth more exciting. It was a (wonderful) surprise especially for those kids," said Ayin of the Bancaan Christian Church.
"Through you, the children were able to experience a wonderful Christmas celebration."

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