HK police officers recorded torturing man in hospital taken into custody

Authorities claim they were 'unaware' of surveillance camera in ward despite complaint being filed in June

TSE Chun Chung at Hong Kong Police Public Relations Branch (screenshot from conference live)

TSE Chun Chung at Hong Kong Police Public Relations Branch (screenshot from conference live)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Two Hong Kong police officers who were recorded torturing an arrested man in a hospital were taken into custody on Tuesday afternoon (Aug. 20) after the video went public that morning, the Stand News reports.

In a conference held Tuesday morning, Legislative Council Member Lam Cheuk Ting (林卓廷) and the sons of the victim revealed footage of the abuse that had been caught on surveillance camera. The Hong Kong police responded that afternoon at their daily conference that such acts of violence would not be tolerated, though they claimed they could not have taken action earlier because they “did not know there was a surveillance camera in the ward."

The two officers in the video were arrested for “assault occasioning actual bodily harm soon after." Later that evening, another officer was arrested for “conspiracy to assault.”

According to Lam, the sons of the tortured citizen did not accept the police's excuse, as they had told law enforcement about the surveillance camera when they filed the complaint in June. They said they believe the police have attempted to harbor the offenders.

Lam further questioned if the police would actually have arrested the suspects if it were not for the video evidence being made public, expressing concern that other, similar cases had become “stones sinking into the ocean.” Lam also condemned the police for merely charging the officers with “assault," instead of “torture,” to tone down the incident, saying “ The police pretend to be civilized in front of cameras but behave like gangsters when there is no one looking."