Potential typhoon developing southeast of Taiwan

CWB issues typhoon notice regarding development of nearby storm system

(Japan Meteorological Agency photo)

(Japan Meteorological Agency photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau (CWB) issued a notice on Wednesday morning (Aug. 21) regarding the possible development of a typhoon within the northwest Pacific region that might impact Taiwan.

If the tropical disturbance should develop further, it will receive the name "Bailu" based upon the preapproved list of names for tropical cyclones in the Western Pacific. A number of countries are permitted to submit names for typhoons each year, and Bailu was provided by China.

The potential for the development of a tropical depression (TD16) into a typhoon is high, according to U.S.-based Joint Typhon Warning Center, yet the likelihood of it making landfall in eastern Taiwan remains uncertain at this point, with the outlying tracks spreading from the Ryukyu Islands lying east of Taiwan to the Bashi Channel to its south.

Readers are advised to monitor CWB notices over the next few days due to the possibility of Bailu intensifying. It may pick up speed and approach the island within a short time frame, possibly impacting Taiwan over the coming weekend.