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Taiwan supermodel Lin Chi-ling accuses media of privacy violation

She was photographed at a hospital and the gossip magazine claimed she is preparing for artificial insemination

Supermodel Lin Chiling (Wikimedia Commons photo)

Supermodel Lin Chiling (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Representatives of Taiwan supermodel Lin Chi-ling (林志玲) issued a statement on Tuesday (Aug. 20), accusing a celebrity gossip magazine of violating her privacy.

The Mirror Media magazine carried a story on July 31 reporting Lin had visited National Taiwan University Hospital to prepare for in vitro fertilization, Liberty Times reported on Tuesday (Aug. 20).

Lin’s representatives accused a Mirror Media paparazzo of taking pictures of Lin’s driver, who was delivering an item containing personal information to a hospital staff member. This personal information was said to have been reported in the July 31 article claiming Lin wanted artificial insemination.

The hospital staff member was identified by Mirror Media as a member of NTU Hospital’s artificial reproduction team. Lin, who recently married Japanese boy band member Akira, has spoken publicly about wanting twins.

Lin’s representatives strongly condemned the magazine and said the story was a privacy violation. They added they reserved the right to sue and had requested a response from Mirror Media on how it would deal with their complaint.

Taiwan supermodel Lin Chi-ling accuses media of privacy violation

Taiwan supermodel Lin Chiling (left) and her husband, Japanese boyband member Akira. (