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Canadian cops laugh at pro-CCP protesters accidentally chanting 'Free China!'

Freudian slip: Video shows confused scene as pro-CCP protesters inadvertently chant 'Free China!'

Canadian police laughing. (Screenshot from Facebook)

Canadian police laughing. (Screenshot from Facebook)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In a bizarre case of a Freudian slip or Chinglish gone awry, hordes of pro-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) demonstrators were overheard inadvertently shouting out "Free China" while trying to drown out their pro-Hong Kong counterparts.

At a massive rally held in Canada by supporters of the Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protest movement, an equally large crowd of Chinese nationals carrying red communist Chinese flags across the street can be heard repeatedly screaming "Free China!" Pro-Hong Kong protesters can then be seen laughing in response, and Canadian police can be seen snickering at the language miscue.

Below the video, which was uploaded on Monday (Aug. 19), Facebook user Littleoslo writes in Chinese, "Embarrassing terminal stage of cancer ... Remember when turning on the mic to listen: A group of Chinese people in China are shouting Free China ..." The Facebook user then writes that the Hong Kong protesters were all laughing and the police on the scene could be seen snickering.

Instead of "Free China," what the protesters might have been trying to say was "Liberate China" (解放中國), which in Marxist lexicon would mean to "liberate" the proletariat from the bourgeoisie capitalists. Many netizens enjoyed having some good, free fun at the communists' expense:

"The police are blushing with laughter."

"The Chinese have awakened to learn that China is not free."

"They mean to say that China is free of charge."

"Your Chairman Xi would not like this slogan."

Updated : 2021-10-21 14:30 GMT+08:00