New Taipei to pioneer in long-term pet care

Initiative is part of New Taipei’s effort to become animal-friendly city

Rehabilitation program for pets (New Taipei photo)

Rehabilitation program for pets (New Taipei photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – New Taipei City announced the opening of institutions that provide long-term care for pets on Monday (Aug. 19), marking a step towards creating a more animal-friendly municipality.

According to the New Taipei Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office (APHIO), the city has around 134,000 dogs and 50,000 cats. Among them, 40 percent of the former and 20 percent of the latter are aged 10 years or older.

Aging pets are more likely to experience health conditions related to their teeth, eyesight, skin, and joints. The long-term care program helps owners better care for their furkids, providing the animals with assistive devices and rehabilitation schemes, among other medical services.

More than 100 institutions in the northern Taiwanese city have received certification after completing a government-organized training program. Certified veterinary hospitals will be staffed with individuals who have expertise in long-term pet care, said APHIO.