Taipei Fringe Festival to feature 500 performances

Everyone is welcome at the annual event, which emphasizes the spirit of adventure this year

Taipei Fringe Festival starts Saturday (TFF photo)

Taipei Fringe Festival starts Saturday (TFF photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taipei Fringe Festival 2019 will feature 500 performances and starts Saturday (Aug. 24), running until Sept. 8.

Taipei Fringe Festival (TFF) gathers 131 groups of artists from Japan, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and elsewhere to showcase a range of arts, including theater, music and talk shows. According to TFF, there are no regulations for entry, meaning everyone is welcome to attend and perform.

The shows will be presented at 36 Taipei venues. The festival hosted a “Free Show Sample” event for audiences on Sunday (Aug. 18) at the opening ceremony, which previewed shows for audiences, who can buy tickets for the full version performances.

Deputy Director of the Taipei Culture Foundation, Chang Yi-Shan (張益贍), commented in the TFF press release that the spirit of the festival is “beginning an adventure.” He pointed out that young artists need a platform to showcase their works and TFF helps their dreams come true.

During TFF, every Wednesday has been designated as a “Stress-Free Wednesday,” with workshops from Herbartist (賣艸人家) and LSY (林三益). Also, “Film and Beer Friday” will screen classic movies.

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