Taiwan's TKK fried chicken among 25 best fried chicken brands in New York

(TKK Facebook photo)

(TKK Facebook photo)

Taipei (CNA) The Taiwan-based TKK Fried Chicken (頂呱呱炸雞) chain has been named among the 25 best fried chicken brands in New York, according to gourmet website Eater (New York).

TKK made the list as the Taiwanese restaurant chain offers its food by emulating American-style fried chicken.

"… You can wash down a fairly conventional fried chicken product -- supposedly invented in emulation of American fried chicken -- with a vast range of hot and frozen beverages, many syrupy sweet," Eater said in a statement on its website, which selected TKK among the "25 exemplary fried chicken dishes" in New York City.

"The chicken comes in three degrees of hotness, from which you should pick the crispy spicy designation. Dipping sauces are available, but skip 'em!" the website said.

Eater, in particular, recommended TKK's Kwa Kwa Bao (呱呱包), a fried chicken skin roll stuffed with sticky rice along with shiitake mushrooms and pork in fried chicken skin.

Joining forces with beverage brand Kung Fu Tea, TKK Fried Chicken opened its first store in Manhattan at the end of 2018.

In addition to its fried chicken offerings, the store also serves Kung Fu Tea bubble tea selections.

Liu Jen-hao (劉人豪), special aide to TKK Fried Chicken Vice President Shih Tsung-yueh (史宗岳), told CNA that the restaurant chain is very grateful to the recognition of the gourmet website, which selected the brand as one of the top best brands in New York.

Unlike American fried chicken, Liu said, TKK foods have a specialty taste of thin skin, which has created a niche market in the competitive New York market.

In addition, through the cooperation with Kung Fu Tea, TKK can enrich its menu by offering drinks, in particular bubble milk tea, Liu said.

After New York, Liu said, TKK is scheduled to open a new store in Boston Aug. 23, and more outlets will arrive in Philadelphia and Texas in the near future.

TKK Fried Chicken, founded in 1974 and headquartered in New Taipei, has 66 stores in Taiwan and two in Shanghai, according to its website.

In addition to TKK Fried Chicken, Eater also recommended other eateries for their good fried chicken offerings such as U.S.-based Paula's Soul Café and John's Fried Chicken, the Filipino Jollibee chain, and Fukurou, which originated from Miyazaki of Japan.

Before its recommendation of TKK Fried Chicken, Eater posted an article on its website in early March, recommending 38 restaurants in Taipei, including Fu Hang Soy Milk and soup dumpling chain Ding Tai Fung.