Taiwan sees highest number of furloughed workers this year

Hard times to blame for the furlough measure, with 26 employers putting 2,012 workers on temporary leave

(Pixabay photo)

(Pixabay photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan saw 2,012 workers placed on unpaid leave by 26 employers between Aug. 1-15, the Ministry of Labor (MOL) announced Friday (Aug. 16).

The figure represents an increase of 1,341 workers from the previous period, which ended on July 31, and marked the highest level since the beginning of this year. The labor ministry, economic affairs ministry, and local authorities will keep a close eye on the development, MOL promised.

The decision of the 26 companies to furlough their employees for the past few weeks reflects reduced output as a result of the economic slump. The three enterprises that implemented furloughs for more than 300 workers each belong to traditional industries, including two machine tool manufacturers and one component supplier, reported CNA.

MOL encouraged individuals forced to take unpaid leave to register on government-sponsored occupational training programs and become better equipped with skills the job market needs. The programs are available at the Workforce Development Agency.

Employers are also urged to comply with the Labor Standards Act when planning to implement mandatory leave without pay, in order to avoid controversy. Violations can be reported to local labor authorities, or via the MOL hotline 0800-085151.