Beijing ready to 'quell unrest swiftly' in Hong Kong: Chinese Ambassador in UK

Ambassador Liu Xiaoming says China 'fully prepared for the worst' and warns 'foreign forces' from interfering

File photo: Chinese Ambassador to UK Liu Xiaoming

File photo: Chinese Ambassador to UK Liu Xiaoming (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- China’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom Liu Xiaoming (劉曉明) spoke at press conference on Thursday (Aug. 15) in which he warned the U.K .from interfering in the political situation in Hong Kong.

In his remarks, Liu also stated that the Chinese Communist Party is “fully prepared for the worst” in Hong Kong, and that they have enough power and solutions to “quell any unrest swiftly.” He also criticized unnamed foreign forces, which Chinese government officials have insisted are involved in the popular protests, now heading into their third month.

When asked about the possibility that the U.K might offer Hong Kong residents citizenship, the Ambassador warned the U.K. government to refrain from acting as though Hong Kong were still a “part of the British Empire.” He advised officials in the U.K to “change their mindset” and recognize that Hong Kong is “part of China,” reports the BBC.

When questioned about the brutal tactics of law enforcement officials in Hong Kong, Liu claimed that “violent radicals” have been systematically obstructing the efforts of Hong Kong police to return order to the city. The Ambassador asked rhetorically if police officers in the U.K would permit such behavior that disturbs social order.