Li Ka-shing calls for end to violence in Hong Kong

The city’s wealthiest individual pays for front-page ads decrying the violence but does not point a finger at who is to blame

Sir Li Ka-Shing (Source: EdTech Stanford University School of Medicine)

Sir Li Ka-Shing (Source: EdTech Stanford University School of Medicine)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Li Ka-Shing (李嘉誠), Hong Kong’s richest man, has called for an end to the violence that is roiling the city in front-page ads in many local newspapers on Friday (Aug. 16), CNA reports.

The message is from “a Hong Kong citizen” but does not specify what kind of violence, or who should stop the violence. Nevertheless, it is likely related to the escalating anti-extradition bill protests and is the first time Li has commented on the issue.

The Ming Pao (left) and Ta Kung Pao (right) front pages (Radio Television Hong Kong image)

There are two forms of advertisements. One reads: “The melon on the yellow shelf cannot withstand more plucking,” (黃台之瓜,何堪再摘) from a verse written by Li Xian (李賢), a prince forced to commit suicide by his empress.

The other version sees a large stop sign placed on the Chinese characters for “violence” and, “Love China, love Hong Kong, love yourself,” and, “Love freedom, love tolerance, love rule of law,” on both sides. On top it reads, “The best cause can lead to the worst karma,” and at bottom it reads, “Stop wrath with the meaning of love.”

Li quoted the same verse during the 2016 Mong Kok Civil Unrest incidents.