3,566 evacuated, work, classes canceled in 5 districts in Kaohsiung due to torrential rain

Work, classes canceled in 5 Kaohsiung districts as torrential rain advisory is in effect

Flooding in Namaxia District. (Namaxia County Government photo)

Flooding in Namaxia District. (Namaxia County Government photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In response to torrential rains in the mountains, 3,566 people have been evacuated from Kaohsiung's Namaxia, Taoyuan, Liugui, and Jiaxian districts, announced the Kaohsiung City Government Civil Affairs Bureau today (Aug. 16).

The bureau said that 3,566 mountain residents had been evacuated last night, including 1,256 in Namaxia District, 827 in Taoyuan District, 787 in Liugui District, and 696 in Jiaxian District, reported CNA. The Kaohsiung City government has announced that work and classes will be canceled again today in Liugui District, Jiaxian District, Maolin District, Taoyuan District, and Namaxia District.

As of 7 a.m. this morning, Kaohsiung City has issued red alerts for mudslides and rockfalls, including 69 in Liugui District, seven in Jiaxian District, 14 in Namaxia District, one in Maolin District, 16 in Taoyuan District. It has also issued 16 yellow alerts, including 10 in Jiaxian District, four in Shanlin District, and two in Maolin District.

The Central Weather Bureau has issued a torrential rain advisory for Kaohsiung City and Chiayi County, and an extremely heavy rain advisory for Tainan City, Pingtung County, and Nantou County. It has also issued a heavy rain advisory for Miaoli County, Changhua County, Chiayi City, and Taitung County.

For the latest update on office and school cancelations, visit the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration website.