Taiwan-themed train runs in Mumbai

Train marks Tourism Bureau's effort to promote tourism in Taiwan

Mumbai's decorated trains promotes tourism in Taiwan. (CNA photos)

Mumbai's decorated trains promotes tourism in Taiwan. (CNA photos)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A train decorated with a Taiwan theme is traveling around the western Indian city of Mumbai, marking the latest effort by Taiwan's Tourism Bureau to promote tourism on the island, according to the Central News Agency.

The Tourism Bureau invited Bollywood stars Sumeet Vyas and Sapna Pabbi to Taiwan in July to take part in advertising photoshoots at popular sightseeing spots. The photos were used to decorate a train in the Mumbai Metro.

The special train will be traveling through Mumbai in August to promote Taiwan tourism. Since its maiden journey on Aug. 1, the train has been well received by Indians, with some of them even sending photos of it to friends and family members in Taiwan.

Trust H.J. Lin, the director of the Taiwan Visitors Association in Singapore, attended the train's inauguration ceremony at Mumbai's Versova Metro Station on Aug. 11. Lin hopes that with the help of Bollywood superstars and Taiwan's beautiful scenery, the train can boost Taiwan's image in Mumbai as well as lift the confidence of the industry.

Vyas brought his Ekta Kaul to Taiwan during his visit, and the couple traveled around the island when the actor was free. They went cycling around Sun Moon Lake, experienced the sky lanterns in Pingxi, enjoyed the fresh breeze at Sanxiantai, and flew the hot air balloon at Luye.

Vyas shared photos they took during their trip on social media and praised the spectacular scenery in Taiwan. Kaul also thanked the Taiwanese for their hospitality and the wonderful experience.

Five publicity videos featuring Vyas and Pabbi will be screened in October to mark the anniversary of Taiwan's Tourist Information Center in Mumbai. According to Lin, the number of Indian tourists visiting Taiwan rose by nearly 10 percent last year.

In February, Hyundai's Indian branch treated its 400 employees to trips to Taiwan, and ASUS did the same for its 250 outstanding dealers in May. The Indian market is predicted to reach a growth rate of 20 percent by 2020.