Regent Taipei presents the Regent Bubble Festival from 7/18 to 8/31


Truly a Taiwanese pride, Bubble Milk Tea has been hailed by CNN as one of the best drinks in the world. This summer, Regent Taipei, inspired by the world-renowned bubbles in bubble milk teas, presents the Regent Bubble Festival from 7/18 to 8/31 at azie, Regent Gift Shop, Gallery, Silks House, Secret Garden and Silks Palace; bubbles are infused into a multitude of snacks including croissant, chiffon cake, tiramisu, calzone, egg tart, charcoal custard bun etc.

Chef Andrea Bonaffini, the newly inaugurated Regent Taipei executive pastry chef, who has worked at a host of Michelin-awarded restaurants, is quite literally the “Marco Polo” of sweets as he has traveled from Europe to Asia, discovering innovative ingredients from local cultures. This time, he transforms the popular Taiwanese drink into creative desserts such as the light and fluffy Bubble Coffee Air Tiramisu made from a unique blend of Marscarpone cheese cream, coffee pudding and bubbles (Matcha flavor is also available) which starts at NT$320, and the Bubble Milk Tea Croissant created from French Lescure cream and slow-cooked milk tea ganache with bubbles (which also comes in the Matcha and Marscaropone flavor) which starts at at NT$180. The Bubble Milk Tea Chiffon cake, which comes in 4in, 6in and 8in sizes, starts at NT$580. New Chinese Pastry Chef Dicky Ng, whose past experience includes work at the Michelin-starred Lei Garden, presents the Crispy Egg Tart with Bubble topped with bubbles and baked until golden (starts at NT$150), Charcoal Custard Bun with Bubble with oozy custard made from salted egg yolk, cream and cane sugar (starts at NT$120).

Azie presents the Bubble Ice Pot, starts at NT$980, featuring a traditional brass hot pot with beloved summer snack ingredients such as bubble, red beans, taro, peanuts and Thai ice tea complete with smoky dry ice visuals, and Bubble Calzone, starts at NT$550, featuring the traditionally cheesy calzone stuffed with bubbles. Bubble drinks, including the Bubble Almond Coffee and Bubble Tie Guanyin Sparkling will be available at Gallery and Secret Garden; both starts at NT$250.