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China accused of forced sterilization, abortions in Xinjiang concentration camps

China faces renewed accusations of cultural genocide of Uyghurs

Uyghur women and supporters demonstrate against China before UN

Uyghur women and supporters demonstrate against China before UN (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Female survivors of China’s forced "re-education" programs for the Muslim Uyghur population of Xinjiang, or East Turkestan, have come forward with shocking claims that the communist government is forcibly sterilizing Uyghur women.

The claims came to light at a recent Amnesty International conference and were reported by Australia’s on Tuesday (Aug. 13). According to the report, several women have reported similar stories of being given unknown injections by the authorities running the concentration camps.

After being released from a stay at the camps, one woman escaped to the United States. After a medical examination, she discovered that she had been sterilized, according to the report.

Another woman told journalists that the female population of the prison camps is forced to live in tiny overcrowded cells. She said that the detainees have to stick their arms through openings in the cell doors to receive regular injections of an unknown substance. “We soon realized that after our injections, we didn’t get our periods anymore,” she was quoted by as saying.

It is currently estimated that around one million Uyghurs are being imprisoned by the Chinese authorities in Xinjiang and forced to join the re-education programs, which the Chinese government claims are designed to teach them job skills and de-radicalize religious extremists. However, the mass incarceration has incensed human rights groups, which say that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has targeted the Uyghurs in a campaign of cultural genocide.

The CCP is hoping to thoroughly Sinicize the local ethnic population as well as stamp out their religious beliefs. The report also mentions allegations from previous detainees who claim that the Chinese authorities have forced Uyghur women to undergo forced abortions, even in the third trimester. A statement from the Population Research Institute is quoted in the report.

“The current Uyghur population is less than 1 percent of China’s total population. To restrict and control the natural growth of a population of this size in any country is to totally annihilate and genocide them. Therefore, the Chinese birth control policy of forced abortion and sterilization of Uyghurs is not a policy of ensuring the overall quality of Uyghur population. On the contrary, it is to gradually exterminate them by imposing all the political, economic, and social means and restrictions.”

In addition to forced sterilization and abortions, Chinese authorities in the region are also conducting a program of forced intermarriage, where young Uyghur women are allegedly promised to young Chinese men as an incentive for them to move to the region to displace and outbreed the local ethnic population over time. Similar practices, referred to as “gene washing,” have also been documented in nearby Tibet.

China accused of forced sterilization, abortions in Xinjiang concentration camps
Uyghur woman and child (Wikimedia Commons)