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Visitors to Taiwan invited to sample island’s milkfish

Taiwan showcases various milkfish dishes in its cuisine

Milkfish (Fisheries Agency photo)
Milkfish products (Fisheries Agency photo)

Milkfish (Fisheries Agency photo)

Milkfish products (Fisheries Agency photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Fisheries Agency (FA) of Taiwan on Monday (Aug. 12) held a press event to promote one of the island’s most commercially important fish – the milkfish.

Milkfish can be eaten fresh or processed, with almost every part of it consumable. This makes it a significant source of income for the aquaculture sector of Asia-Pacific countries like Taiwan and the Philippines.

Taiwan boasts an annual harvest of 50,000 tons of milkfish valued at NT$4.1 billion, said the FA. Consumption of the fish goes back centuries in the country and is found in a variety of delicacies. Milkfish congee, for example, has been hailed by CNN as one of its top five most recommended Taiwanese snacks.

At the press event, a wide array of milkfish products was on display, from canned goods to fish floss. A chef was also invited to demonstrate tips for making delectable milkfish dishes at home.

The FA took the opportunity to invite tourists to sample the in-season fish, which is both delicious and full of nutrients, rich in protein, DHA, calcium, and vitamins. The government of Taiwan is also seeking to promote milkfish products in the Australian and Halal markets, said the agency.