Video shows man use Poké Ball to travel around Taipei

American blogger shows off how he uses Poké Ball EasyCard to travel around Taipei

Image by Daniel Arreola.

Image by Daniel Arreola.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An American blogger has posted a video of his adventures using a limited edition Poké Ball-themed electronic stored-value card in Taipei.

Daniel Arreola, 34, who runs the food blog Taiwan Eater and has been staying in Taiwan since November, said he purchased the Poké Ball via a 7-Eleven kiosk and just received it four days ago. He said he shot video of himself using the device to take the Taipei MRT and make purchases on Saturday and Sunday (Aug. 10 and 11).

To join in on the Pokémon Go craze, Taipei’s EasyCard Corporation teamed up with Niantic, Inc. to offer limited edition Poké Ball (精靈寶貝球) EasyCards starting on July 3 of this year. The 3D Poké Balls, which Pokémon Trainers use to capture and train Pokémon, function as a standard EasyCards, come with a handy strap, and flash a green light when a successful transaction is made.

Arreola using Poké Ball to take MRT. (Screenshot from YouTube video)

The first batch of Poké Balls was limited to 3,000, selling for a price of NT$350 (US$11) each, with individuals limited to four. Preorders for the second wave, which was limited to 11,000, ended on July 17 and cannot be received until Sept. 25, reported China Times.

The EasyCard is an e-smartcard system that is used to pay for the Taipei MRT (subway), buses, and other public transport services in Taipei. It can also be used in convenience stores, department stores, supermarkets, taxis, and other retailers to make payments.

Arreola using Poké Ball to make a purchase. (Screenshot from YouTube video)