China media calls for shooting HK protesters on spot, Wang asks 'Do Taiwanese want to be unified?'

Wang asks 'Do Taiwanese want to be unified?' after GT editor calls for shooting HK protesters on sight


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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After the head of a Chinese state-run media mouthpiece called for Hong Kong protesters to be shot on sight, a Taiwanese legislator questions if Taiwanese would ever really want to be part of such a tyrannical regime.

In response to a violent crackdown on Hong Kong protestors by police in an MRT station in Hong Kong on Sunday, Global Times Editor in Chief Hu Xijin (胡錫進) said the only answer to the use of excessive violence is to have them shot on the spot. Wang Ting-yu (王定宇), a legislator from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) countered by questioning if Taiwanese would want to be a part of such a ruthless country.

On Sunday, Hu took to Weibo to claim that an angry mob of Hong Kong protesters threw Molotov cocktails at police, causing many officers to suffer burns. He warned that the people of Hong Kong should never support such acts and that "atrocities have reached the point where the perpetrators should be shot on the spot."

Hu said that he and the Global Times strongly condemn the "thugs" who attacked police with petrol bombs and "your little bit of strength in the face of the country is not worth mentioning." He urged protesters to halt their demonstrations or otherwise, "it will only get worse in the end."

On Monday (Aug. 12), Wang, responded on Facebook by saying that the threat by a Chinese state-run mouthpiece that it would shoot protesters on the spot shows the grim realities of being "a part of China." He then asked Taiwanese people, "Do you want to make yourself and your children part of this kind of country?"

Wang went on to say that the Hong Kong government's means of suppressing the resistance in the anti-extradition protests are becoming increasingly cruel. He pointed out that on Sunday, a woman had been shot in the eye with a bean bag round and could suffer permanent blindness.

In response to Hu's call for Hong Kong protestors to be shot on the spot, Wang asked, "Do Taiwanese really want to be part of China?"

Many Taiwanese netizens agreed with Wang's sentiments:

"For the Chinese Communist Party, life is the least valuable and the most easily sacrificed, as long as the regime can remain stable!"

"If Taiwan also has a day like this, I will go to the streets without hesitation!"

"Only by supporting Tsai Ing-wen in 2020 can we safeguard Taiwan's democratic and free values."

"The free world is watching all of this, but the Chinese Communist Party does not want to control itself."

"Get ready for Hong Kong to be washed with blood."