Dead body, head wrapped in school uniform, found floating off coast of Miaoli, Taiwan

Found naked floating at sea, shirt from Changhua elementary school only clue to man's identity

Police and Coast Guard on shore of Miaoli County, Aug. 10

Police and Coast Guard on shore of Miaoli County, Aug. 10 (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On Saturday (Aug. 10) an unidentified body was found floating in the ocean off of Miaoli County and investigators are seeking the public’s help to identify the deceased.

Strangely, the adult male, assumed to be over 40 years old, was found with an elementary school uniform shirt from a school located in Changhua County wrapped around his head. The body, completely naked except for the school uniform, was spotted early in the morning in waters about three kilometers north of the Wai-pu Fishing Harbor (外埔漁港) of Houlong (後龍) Township.

The report indicates that the body had been in the water for some time as edema has made the man's face unrecognizable. With nothing else to help with his identification, the school uniform from Changhua Xian Xi Elementary School (彰化線西國小) is the primary clue to the mystery of his death.

CNA reports that the man is approximately 170 cm tall and that there were no visible signs of injury on his body. A forensic team has been tasked with performing an autopsy to determine the precise cause of death.

Mioali police, quoted by CNA, suggest that the uniform shirt around the man's head is probably over a decade old. If anyone in Taiwan is aware of a missing person that matches the description of the deceased, they are asked to contact police in Miaoli County.

School uniform found covering the man's head (CNA Photo)