South African YouTuber crafts spectacular view of Taipei

Excellent production and beautiful imagery abound in 'Treasures of Taipei --Taiwan'

(screen grab from 'Treasures of Taipei')

(screen grab from 'Treasures of Taipei')

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On Aug. 7, YouTuber Kiril Dobrev uploaded a spectacular video presentation showcasing some of the sights and sounds of Taiwan in his video “TREASURES OF TAIPEI -- Taiwan.”

In his almost four-minute montage of areas around Taipei and New Taipei, Dobrev provides a delightful blend of the modern and the traditional, using handheld as well as drone camera footage.

Dobrev, who is originally from Cape Town, South Africa, is a talented video producer as evidenced by his collection of video presentations, which are all uniquely aesthetic visions of various cities around the world.

On his YouTube profile, he says that he is “traveling the world making videos of the places I see and the people I meet. This channel is about showcasing these beautiful places as well as telling interesting stories. If any of that interests you then come along and follow my adventure!”

On the Taiwan Reddit forum, Dobrev shared his video with a message for those living in Taiwan, “You have a truly beautiful place to call home!” For those interested in seeing more, subscribe to his YouTube channel or consider supporting his work. Enjoy the video “TREASURES OF TAIPEI – Taiwan.”