10 American, Singaporean tourists injured in E. Taiwan tour bus crash

10 American, Singaporean tourists injured in tour bus crash while traveling in eastern Taiwan

(Hualien County Police Bureau photo)

(Hualien County Police Bureau photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As rain began buffeting Taiwan from Typhoon Lekima, 10 American and Singaporean tourists were injured when their tour bus crashed into a road divider on Thursday (Aug. 8).

While returning to Hualien after taking 10 American and Singaporean tourists on a trip to Taroko National Park at 5:23 p.m. on Thursday, a tour bus collided with a road divider at the 191.5-kilometer mark of Provincial Highway 9, reported UDN. It is suspected that slippery conditions and poor visibility caused by rain could have contributed to the accident.

At the time of the accident, there were 13 people on board the bus, including the driver, one guide, an assistant, and 10 tourists from the U.S. and Singapore, according to the report. When the bus swerved into the divider, it knocked down a pair of large metal street lights.

Scene of the accident. (Hualien County Police Bureau photo)

All 10 tourists suffered injuries and were sent to area hospitals for treatment. Three Singaporean female tourists were to taken to Hualien Tzu Chi General Hospital for treatment.

One male and three female American tourists were sent to Mennonite Christian Hospital. Two male and one female Asian-American tourists were sent to Hualien Armed Forces General Hospital.

Most of the injuries were described as "mild," with only a woman being sent to Tzu Chi General Hospital for more significant injuries.

The woman reportedly suffered a dislocated left clavicle and a painful knee contusion, reported UDN. The cause of the accident is currently being investigated by police.