Taiwan’s new Central Bank chief receives his first A from Global Finance

Yang Chin-long's predecessor won 14 A ratings

Central Bank Governor Yang Chin-long.

Central Bank Governor Yang Chin-long. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Central Bank Governor Yang Chin-long (楊金龍) has received his first A from Global Finance magazine since taking office last year, continuing a tradition which saw his predecessor win 14 of the accolades.

Despite the typhoon which shut down offices in Taipei Friday (August 9), Yang still showed up for work at 8 a.m. sharp in order to keep an eye on the potential currency war between the United States and China, the Central News Agency (CNA) reported.

As to the latest A rating from Global Finance, the Taiwanese banker said that was the work of all his associates and employees at his institution.

The U.S. publication awarded its highest praise to 10 central bank chiefs from around the world, including Yang’s colleagues in South Korea, Australia, Russia, and Mexico.

“Grades are based on an ‘A’ to ‘F’ scale for success in areas such as inflation control, economic growth goals, currency stability and interest rate management,” Global Finance said.

Yang’s predecessor, Perng Fai-nan (彭淮南), received 14 A ratings during his record 20-year tenure.

U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell received an A- and top Chinese banker Yi Gang a C in the 2019 list published Thursday (August 8), CNA noted.