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Former policeman sentenced to life for kidnapping, murder

Former policeman sentenced to life for kidnapping, murder

A former police officer in Taipei County was sentenced to life in prison by the Taiwan High Court yesterday after he was found guilty of kidnapping and murdering a businessman two years ago.
The officer was identified as Chang Cheng-chun, who had previously worked with the Chungkang police precinct in Hsinchuang City in suburban Taipei. Chang is still under investigation for other crimes that he might have committed.
Although he committed the crime in 2004, Chang was not arrested until last year, or one and a half years since he committed the crime, partly because Chang's colleagues and supervisors refused to recognize Chang's involvement in the case or were slow in collecting evidence that put Chang in an unfavorable light, according to media reports.
As a result, the court judge asked the prosecutor to investigate to see if any of Chang's supervisors should be held responsible for dereliction of duty or trying to conceal Chang's crimes. The judge also urged the prosecutor to probe allegations that Chang might have accepted bribes from the victim for more than 10 years.
According to the police investigation Chang hired Wu Wen-tung to find a group of gangsters to kidnap Huang Ching-linag, a rich businessman residing in Hsinchuang City, in March 2004. Huang died after he was tortured by Wu and other suspects before Chang received the ransom.
Wu died mysteriously and his body was later found in a river in Tainan County in southern Taiwan on October 9, 2004. Police found a letter in Wu's residence identifying Chang as the one who asked him to hire a group of gangsters to kidnap Huang.
The task force assigned to the case did not arrest Chang or take any action against him until after the Taiwan High Court got a tape from one of the suspects of Wu's conversation with Chang regarding their plan to kidnap Huang and share the ransom.
The prosecutor reinvestigated the case and found more evidence that Chang was in fact the mastermind while other suspects were just working for him. The prosecutor also found that Chang sexually harassed Wu's girlfriend during his visit to Wu's place to find and destroy any evidence of his acquaintance with Wu.
Chang will also be charged with sexual harassment while he is standing trial for other crimes that he might have committed. The prosecutor said he wishes to find and press charges against task force members who allowed Chang to go free even though they learned from other suspects that Chang was in fact the mastermind behind the kidnapping case.

Updated : 2021-07-26 07:07 GMT+08:00