Suspects in armored car heist deny allegations against them

Suspects in armored car heist deny allegations against them

After being extradited from China to Taiwan, Lee Han-yang, who is suspected of making off with about NT$56 million from an armored car he was driving, was yesterday sent to the Taipei Prosecutors Office for further questioning.
He is suspected of stealing the money with seven alleged accomplices, including his younger brother Lee Chin-tsan.
The seven suspects in custody reportedly all refused to plead guilty, took indifferent attitudes toward the questioning of prosecutors and investigators, and requested to be given the chance to explain their involvement in the nation's biggest-ever cash heist on January 3.
The police suspected that the over NT$50 million stolen has probably been remitted to another suspect Liu Wen-lung, who is reportedly in China.
According to local media, Liu and Lee Chin-tsan are suspected to have masterminded the heist. The seven suspects all claim that the stolen money is now in Liu's hands.
Local media have said that after Lee Han-yang allegedly drugged his colleague - surnamed Lin - and stole the money from the armored car, Chiu Wei-sheng drove the vehicle to pick up Lee before handing over the money to three other suspects, including jewelry store owners Liu Chien-ho and Lin Kun-mu.
Liu Chien-ho and Lin were reportedly engaged in money laundering and remitting the money to Liu Wen-lung and Lee Chin-tsan in China. Meanwhile another suspect, Lin Shih-teh, was allegedly responsible for helping all the others flee to China. Lee Han-yang fled to China on the day of the heist, but on Thursday, Lee Han-yang and his brother were extradited to Taiwan while five other accomplices were arrested in Taipei and central Taichung city. Liu is still missing.

Updated : 2021-04-12 12:40 GMT+08:00