Hi-tech Hong Kong protesters outwit the police

They are using a range of apps and tech tools to organize protests and avoid the authorities

(Internet photo)

(Internet photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Technology has become an important tool for Hong Kong protesters to rally supporters and avoid the authorities, the Liberty Times reported on Wednesday (Aug. 7).

Protestors are using online discussion boards, instant messaging, dating apps, and online gaming platforms to spread information and call on supporters to participate in protests, according to the Liberty Times.

In Hong Kong, when users open Tinder, instead of potential dates, there are the times and venues of upcoming protests, according to the news outlet. Protesters primarily use the encrypted messaging app Telegram to communicate, in addition to using the live-streaming platform Twitch to broadcast protests live, Liberty Times reported.

Another creative tool the protesters have been using to gather protesters is Pokemon Go. In addition, Apple iOS' AirDrop has been used by protesters to spread protest information and distribute propaganda, according to the news outlet.