6 dos and don'ts for Qixi Festival in Taiwan

6 superstitions observed during Taiwan's Qixi Festival

Baidu Baike image.

Baidu Baike image.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Today (Aug. 7) is Qixi Festival (七夕節), the Lunar Valentine's Day in many parts of East Asia and a Taiwanese numerologist has created a list of six dos and don'ts to observe on this day.

On the lunar calendar, Qixi falls on the seventh day of the seventh month, thus it is also called Double Seventh. Originally a celebration of the once annual reunion of a mythical cowherd and weaver girl, its was traditionally not an occasion when gifts are exchanged, but has in recent years been commercialized with lists of top five best and top five worst gifts surfacing online.

Like many other festivals in Taiwan, there are many superstitions associated with Qixi that people observe in order to ensure success in romantic relationships. According to numerologist Hsiao Meng (小孟) because Qixi is the day that the cowherd and weaver girl meet as well as the birthdays of the Seven Star Goddess (七娘母) and the Bed Goddess (床母) there are six dos and don'ts to be observed during this festival, according to Liberty Times.


1. Pray for love

Qixi Festival is the best day to seek affection in a year. At seven o'clock on the evening of Qixi Festival, cut seven circles out of a piece of silver paper and place near the window to symbolize the Big Dipper. The cowherd and weaver girl will soon bring the person who does this a good marriage. If one has a secret crush on someone, they can visualize their face after pasting the seven stars, and they will eventually be able to marry this person.

2. Pray for Financial Fortune

From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Qixi, take an unopened bottle of water and put it on the sacrificial altar for the Seven Star Goddess or God of Love Temple (月老廟). After praying, drink the water immediately. After 49 days, one will meet someone who will help them in romance or wealth.

3. Children under the age of 16 pray to become adults

According to folklore, Qixi is the birthday of the Bed Goddess. When a child becomes an adult, they should offer sesame oil chicken and glutenous oil rice to the Bed Goddess. She will then bless the child and they will then become easier to handle.


1. Avoid eating beef

Because the cowherd used to take care of cattle, people should avoid eating beef on Qixi. Otherwise, it will offend him, leading to disputes and conflicts among couples. If someone eats beef by accident, they can do good deeds or donate to charity to compensate for slighting the cowherd.

2 Avoid wearing clothing with holes

The weaver girl used to make clothing. Therefore, if one has holes in their trousers, it represents that they could have emotional deficiencies in their romantic relationships. In the future, irreparable fissures could open up in the relationship, thus signaling its demise.

3. Don't move the bed

Moving a child's bed during Qixi can easily upset the Bed Goddess. Doing so can result in reduced empowerment for blessings for the child.