Video shows Hong Kong's black shirts beating back white shirts

Video shows Hong Kong protesters in black shirts beating back gangsters in white shirts

(Screenshot from Facebook video)

(Screenshot from Facebook video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Video has surfaced on Monday (Aug. 5) showing Hong Kong protesters successfully fighting back against suspected triad members in white shirts.

On July 21, a mob of over 100 men wearing white T-shirts and brandishing blunt weapons indiscriminately assaulted passengers in Hong Kong's Yuen Long MTR Station. Many of the men are suspected of being triad members in collusion with the police, who were conveniently absent from the scene for long stretches of time during the mob's attack.

Protesters who have been demonstrating for the past two months against the controversial extradition bill suspect that the thugs may have been dispatched by Beijing, if not local pro-China politicians such as Junius Ho, to crush the protest movement. Out of defiance, signs started appearing in the Hong Kong MTR on July 22 which read, "Please mind the thugs."

On Monday, a video has surfaced showing that Hong Kong protesters have learned their lesson and are now well-armed with staffs of their own. In the video, a mob of men in white t-shirts can be seen carrying sticks and preparing to attack a group of protesters in black T-shirts in Hong Kong's North Point area.

At first, the men confidently cross the metal barrier thinking they will have their way with the timid youths as in the past. But in this case, they are vastly outnumbered and the protesters are much more prepared this time with bamboo staffs of their own.

A mass of black shirts soon overwhelms the ruffians in white shirts, who beat a hasty retreat. While it was a gratifying victory for the protesters, it was an ominous sign of how the situation in Hong Kong is continuing to spiral out of control.

White-shirt triads strike again, black shirts fought back and make them run like rats. from r/China

Updated : 2021-01-28 10:49 GMT+08:00