Lifeguard whacks foreigner with metal rod for flipping him off on S. Taiwan beach

Lifeguard attacks foreign tourist with metal rod for not heeding warnings, flipping him off in Kenting, Taiwan

(Image from Pixabay user dimitrisvetsikas1969)

(Image from Pixabay user dimitrisvetsikas1969)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A lifeguard attacked a foreign tourist on a beach in Kenting after he failed to heed his warnings and made an obscene gesture with his middle finger on Saturday (Aug. 3).

Kenting's South Bay in southern Taiwan's Pingtung County is a hotbed for tourists during the summer vacation. However, on Saturday, due to strong winds and powerful waves generated by the periphery of Tropical Storm Francisco, a red flag warning for severe hazards had been placed along the beach.

Although many would-be swimmers still flocked to the beach, most stayed away from the water when warned by lifeguards. However, two foreign tourists insisted on risking their lives by getting some cheap thrills in the water at noon on Saturday.

Between noon and 5 p.m., two foreign tourists rushed into the treacherous waters several times, reported UDN. Each time, a lifeguard on duty would patiently tell them to get out of the water.

Vexed by the lifeguard's constant interference, one of the foreign men thrust his middle finger at the lifeguard. The lifeguard had finally had enough, grabbed a metal rod, and struck the foreign man with it, according to the report.

The foreign national sustained a broken right hand during the skirmish, reported UDN. The foreign man is a student at a university in northern Taiwan and his school dispatched staff south to deal with the incident.

After undergoing negotiations, the foreign student decided not to press charges against the lifeguard and the two parties have settled their differences outside of court.

In response to the news, Taiwanese netizens tended to take the side of the lifeguard:

"Cool, Taiwan people should be like this."

"Good hit [well played]."

"This lifeguard should be awarded a medal."

"Showing the middle finger means you want to be beaten, you deserve it."

"Dared to be arrogant. A lesson needed to be taught."