Two Taiwan elementary schools improve each other

The 'Urban-Rural Collaboration Learning Program' broadened students’ learning experiences, enriched schools

(K -  12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education photo)

(K - 12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Guangrong (光榮) and Kenting (墾丁) elementary schools have learned from and improved each other in the four areas of “leisure and sports, biological education, tourism industry, and creation,” under the Ministry of Education’s Urban-Rural Collaboration Learning Program.

Students at Guangrong Elementary School in Kaohsiung regularly participate in interdisciplinary learning, with their curriculum and learning environment extending well beyond the school grounds. In the same way, the collaborative learning program between Guangrong and Kenting also extended to “Siwan Wooden Boat” and the “M.Zone” at the Pier-2 Art Center in Kaohsiung.

The "creation" and "tourism" aspects of the collaborative process took place at “Siwan Wooden Boat,” where students were encouraged to make their own vessels out of wood. At M.Zone, students from the two schools learned about the narrated history of Hamasen and Yancheng districts.

As Kenting Elementary School is located in southern Taiwan's Kenting National Park,, the school took students from Guangrong on a field trip to explore the area’s unique biology and geology. The urban-rural collaborative learning project has not only broadened the students’ learning experiences but also enriched interscholastic studies, cooperation, and parental assistance.

(K -12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education video)

(K -12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education photos)