Speeding on e-bike to be finable in Taiwan

Speeding on e-bike to be punishable by fine of NT$900 to NT$1,800


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- E-bike riders who do over 25 kilometers per hour or don’t like to wear a helmet are advised to beware of a proposed regulation amendment that could affect their pocketbooks.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) announced that it is planning to amend regulations to make speeding and not wearing a helmet on an e-bike finable, the Central News Agency (CNA) reported on Sunday (Aug. 4).

The MOTC has put out an advance notice regarding the draft amendment to Article 2 and Article 12 of the "Standard Punishment and Handling of Violations of Road Traffic Rules Regulation," making speeding, not wearing a helmet while riding an e-bike, and modifying an e-bike, finable. The draft amendment is likely to take effect as early as October, CNA reported.

According to the advance notice, speeding on an e-bike is punishable by a fine ranging from NT$900 (about US$30) to NT$1,800, and not wearing a helmet is punishable by a fine of NT$300. Those who illegally modify an e-bike are subject to a fine of NT$1,800 to NT$5,400.