United Nations account blasted on Twitter, Facebook for calling Taiwan a 'Province of China'

Post celebrating legalization of same-sex marriage highlights hypocrisy of UN position on Taiwan


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On Saturday (Aug. 3), the Twitter and Facebook accounts of United Nations (UN) Women published the above image with the message “All people should be able to choose freely whether to enter a partnership, when and with whom!”

Netizens were immediately alerted to the absurd claim that Taiwan is a “Province of China” as promoted by posts from the @UN_Women account. Hundreds of pro-Taiwan supporters have joined related threads, roundly mocking and criticizing the UN for its hypocrisy and its not-so-subtle insult to human rights and the dignity of Taiwan.

The post from the UN was intended as a positive message to celebrate the legalization of same-sex marriage in countries across the world. Unfortunately, it instantly ruined its own credibility by failing to respectfully acknowledge Taiwan’s achievement by adding “Province of China,” thereby implying that the authoritarian government of China could ever be considered a champion of human rights.

Taiwan officially legalized same-sex marriage in May 2019. Same-sex unions are still illegal in China, likely for decades to come.

On Sunday (Aug. 4), Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement that it has instructed its New York office to deliver an official letter of protest to the UN over the matter, demanding that the image be corrected, reports the CNA.

It is especially insulting that a UN organization would deign to use Taiwan’s national flag in official UN materials, despite the fact that the UN does not even recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation. The overwhelming public rejection of the UN Women Twitter post reveals that the world is slowly coming to recognize the observably false notion that Taiwan is part of the People’s Republic of China, a notion which the UN continues to promote despite all evidence to the contrary.

It is far past time the UN recognizes that its own legitimacy is being undermined by its policy towards Taiwan, which directly contravenes the organization’s own founding principles.

Despite the insult to Taiwan from the UN Women organization, the Twitter thread and Facebook comments have yielded some excellent responses to the poorly considered post.

“China is taking credit for something it did not do and the UN is complicit in propagating falsehoods. Taiwan is not a part of China and that is the reality,” read a reply from @TaiwanInNewYork.

“@UN_Women, Province of China” and “UN is a Province of China” were two of the humorous responses mocking the UN's consistent kowtowing to Chinese influence.

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