Chinese drama faces punishment for excluding Taiwan from China on map

Online streaming platforms deleted the material after it had been reported

An image from the Chinese television series, Go Go Squid! (Taken from social media)

An image from the Chinese television series, Go Go Squid! (Taken from social media)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Chinese television series is facing punishment for not including the island of Taiwan in Chinese territory on a map that appeared in its episode, adding to the list of entertainment being censored by the Chinese authorities.

Netizens reported that the drama, titled “Go Go Squid!,” included an animated map in its 39th episode showing Taiwan in a different color from China.

The map in the series is used to demonstrate a cybersecurity competition held in Shanghai. On the map, different countries and regions are painted in different colors. In addition to Taiwan, Hainan Island and the disputed areas of South Tibet and Aksai Chin were also marked by different colors from China.

China’s Ministry of Natural Resources, an official agency handling cartography and its censorship, said the government would look into the matter and charge those responsible with the suspected violation of laws, reported United Daily News on Thursday (August 1). It is unclear what punishment the production crew may face.

Yang Zi (楊紫), an investor in the drama in which she also plays a leading role, said she and her staff have insisted on the “one China principle” and opposed any remarks and behaviors intended to "incite separatism."

Chinese online streaming platforms, such as iQiyi and Tencent Video, have since deleted the material and had it replaced with an updated version in which presentation of Taiwan and Hainan Island was corrected in line with Beijing’s political agenda. However, it was discovered that the representation of South Tibet and Aksai Chin remained the same.