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Photo of the Day: Taiwan's 'Ukrainian Jopanese Heart Beitun Line'

Chinglish Taichung MRT sign mistranslated as 'Ukrainian Jopanese Heart Beitun Line'

(Photo from Facebook page @taichungdot)

(Photo from Facebook page @taichungdot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A funny Chinglish sign has been spotted in a new Taichung MRT station under construction which reads "Ukrainian Jopanese Heart Beitun Line."

On Thursday (Aug 1), a member of the Facebook group Taichung Dot posted a photo of a Taichung MRT sign that oddly enough was labeled "Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government." The sign is so badly translated that even Google Translate would struggle to come up with something worse.

The bizarre name, "Ukrainian Jopanese Heart Beitun Line" was an attempt at a direct translation of the Wenxin Wuri Beitun Line (烏日文心屯線). The first two characters 烏日 stand for "Wuri," as in Taichung's Wuri MRT Station.

Yet, they instead translated 烏 as the nationality "Ukrainian" and 日文 as the language "Jopanese," not even bothering to spell "Japanese" right. The second half of the sign, 文心, is actually referring to the MRT Chongde Wenxin Station (崇德文心站), but they separated 心 from the name and translated it as "heart."

The last part, 屯線, which refers to the Beitun Station (北屯站) and the line overall, was quite miraculously and correctly translated as "Beitun Line."

Netizens mocked the Chinglish sign:

"U [Ukrainian] Japanese Heart [cardiac] Beitun Line?"

"Is it really that hard to write Wuri Wenxin?"

Huang Kuo-shu (黃國書), director of the Taichung MRT Engineering Department, said that the city government had discovered the mistake and has asked the contractor working for the Taipei City Government Department of Rapid Transit Systems to correct the sign, reported Liberty Times.

Photo of the Day: Taiwan's 'Ukrainian Jopanese Heart Beitun Line'
(Photo from Facebook page @taichungdot)

Updated : 2021-04-22 12:28 GMT+08:00