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Who Is the Ruling Party in the Legislative Yuan?

Who Is the Ruling Party in the Legislative Yuan?

A political conflict burst out between the pan-blue and pan-green camps over the Organic Law of the Central Election Commission in the Legislative Yuan, which was repeatedly broadcast by television networks.
We saw the independent legislators serving as bodyguards to protect Speaker Wang Jin-pyng, while the KMT legislators holding signs and shouting, and the DPP legislators charging in assault. The day-long chaos, breaking previous records, barred the passage of the General Budget Proposal and might stop the functions of the government.
KMT Chairman Ma Ying-jeou said the KMT didn’t see itself as the ruling party and it was the ruling party’s responsibility to get the budget proposal passed.
Ma pointed out that the KMT boycotted the budget proposal only because the proposal looked like to prescribe for the ruling party, not for the public.
Clearly, the opposition party doesn’t care about the budget and the shut-down of the government. Anyway, the KMT led by Ma is reluctant to do too many things for the society lest its present attainments might make its past impotent performance obvious.
The rejection of the proposal and the opposition party’s attitude of passing the blame to the ruling party not only failed to build a democratic political system with sensible supervision by the opposition party, but also caused a disservice to reconciliation between the pan-blue and pan-green camps that was underlined in Ma’s recent national strategy.
This revealed nothing but Ma’s hypocritical characteristics, and it was not surprising at all that the national defense budget had been rejected by the Procedures Committee, controlled by the KMT, for nearly 60 times.
But is the DPP the ruling party in the Legislative Yuan? At the Legislative Yuan, the KMT is the majority-- to be more correct, the arbitrary majority. The KMT may not be the ruling party in the Executive Yuan, but surely it is the governing party in the Legislative Yuan. Shouldn’t the KMT, the biggest political party in the Legislative Yuan, bear any responsibility for the mess occurring within its power range?
There is no need to prove that the KMT is the ruling party in the Legislative Yuan. Would Ma put the General Budget Proposal as the No.28 item in the procedure list if he really wanted to improve the welfare of the civil officials? Would Ma set the big-spending budget proposal of reconstructing the Military Communities in the second place if he at least thought about the people’s needs ? And would he set the Banking Law Amendment as the No.29 case to disclose the names of the banks with hugest amount of bad debts, helping to prevent Wang You-theng cases from happening again?

Twu Shiing-jer is the Vice President of the Taiwan United Nations Alliance and the former National Policy Adviser to the President.

Updated : 2022-01-22 20:47 GMT+08:00