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Taiwan water companies make a splash in Thailand

Taiwan’s Water Resources Agency hosts expo for Thai companies in Bangkok

(Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand photo)

(Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s Water Resources Agency (WRA) led nine domestic companies to Thailand in order to show off their products at a three-day expo that opened on Wednesday (July 31), according to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand (TECOT).

The Expo of Innovative Water Products and Services from Taiwan was organized by the WRA and TECOT and held at TECOT’s new Bangkok location. Dozens of organizations from Thailand’s industrial, academic, and government sectors attended the expo, TECOT said.

A business meeting was held at the W Hotel in Bangkok on July 30 as a warm-up event for the expo. During the meeting, representatives of Taiwan firms spoke with Thai water companies, engineering consultancies, resellers, and sewage treatment providers in the expectation of marketing, technological development, and investment opportunities, TECOT added.

Representative to Thailand Tung Chen-yuan (童振源) noted at the expo's opening ceremony that Thailand had suffered from a serious drought since May and that losses were estimated by Thai research centers to be over 15 billion baht (NT$15.2 billion). Tung said the WRA had proposed five solutions to fix water resource problems: sufficient water, clean water, recycled water, healthy water, and smart water.

The five solutions represent Taiwan’s technological water resource advantages. Tung further explained that these advantages include using technologies such as artificial intelligence to manage water resources, the treatment and purification of industrial sewage, and recycling water in nature.

The expo displayed a wide variety of creative products and services, including flood alert and prevention management systems, water purification equipment, deep-sea products, sewage treatment facilities, and products for managing the water life cycle.

Updated : 2021-12-05 11:30 GMT+08:00