Veterinary forensic science program launched in Taipei

Part of the capital city’s efforts to improve animal welfare, the program will focus on injuries and crimes

(Taipei Animal Shelter photo)

(Taipei Animal Shelter photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A veterinary forensic science program to investigate animal crimes and injuries was launched by Taipei’s animal protection authorities on Sunday (July 28).

The program, jointly organized by the Taipei Veterinary Medical Association and Taipei City Animal Protection Office (APO), aims to provide improved care for the city’s animals. The classes will help equip the city’s veterinarians with the expertise required to apply forensic science and medicine when animals have been abused or are injured, said APO.

According to APO, the city has enlisted the assistance of the Taipei Veterinary Medical Association since 2011 to investigate animal deaths or abuse. A number of headline-grabbing cases would not have been solved without the aid of forensic evidence.

In light of this fact, APO started a forensic science project this year for badly-treated or wounded animals, teaming up with National Taiwan University School of Veterinary Medicine. The partnership involves establishing a suitably qualified team to perform autopsies after an animal fatality.

In addition to promoting the importance of animal welfare, APO pledges to invest more resources in the development of animal forensic science, and a network of forensic veterinarians in Taiwan.

Veterinary forensic science program launched in Taipei (APO photo)