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Video shows Taiwan YouTuber pummel troll in cage

Buff Taiwan YouTuber beats up troll in cage challenge match

(Screenshot from YouTube)

(Screenshot from YouTube)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- On Saturday (July 27), brawny Taiwanese YouTuber Holger Chen (陳之漢) made quick work of an internet celebrity in the cage after the latter challenged him to a fight.

An internet celebrity named Yu Chao-lin (游兆霖), who goes by the handle Eat S*** Brother (吃屎哥), was beaten to a pulp in a cage match with Chen that was live-streamed on Saturday. After the match, Chen said he accepted the challenge in an effort to "fish" for those actually behind Yu.

Yu had challenged Chen to a fight many times, but last week was the final straw after Yu left many disparaging comments below Chen's posts on Facebook, including calling him a "coward." On Thursday (July 25), Chen announced in a live stream that he would accept Yu's challenge and wait for him in the cage on Saturday (July 27).

Bizarrely, the diminutive, puny Yu agreed to actually fight the much larger, stronger, experienced Chen in the cage. The two camps agreed to fight under standard MMA rules with the fighting to continue even if it went to the ground.

Yu was provided headgear and a chest protector, and the two wore boxing gloves rather than MMA gloves. The rounds were to last three minutes and the fighting was only to stop when one combatant verbally surrendered.

Once the fighting began, Yu rushed Chen and threw several feeble punches at Chen's body. Chen shrugged off the frail blows and responded with 11 vicious kicks in a row.

Within one minute, Yu was in a fetal position on the mat and wailing for mercy. Then one of Chen's camp asked if Yu would dare to challenge Chen again; he said he did not and then apologized for his actions.

In a live stream on Sunday (July 28), Chen said he had alerted police in advance of the fight in anticipation of thugs showing up with Yu to the fight. Chen said that shady figures in an entourage of three Mercedes Benzes drove Yu to Chen's gym but fled the scene when they saw the police.

For his part, Yu blamed the "Bald-headed Brother" (陳俊傑) for selling him a book by another troll called the "Jiuyin White Bone Claw" (九陰白骨爪) and tricked into being overconfident about beating Chen. Yu then criticized the others who have challenged Chen to fights but never shown up, such as Lin Chih-cheng (林志成) and Lian Yuxuan (練喻軒), as being cowards.

Updated : 2021-05-11 22:00 GMT+08:00