Photo of the Day: Lightning strike over Hualien, Taiwan

Photographer Zi Yao Chen captured remarkable image during storm on Saturday, July 27

(Photo courtesy of Zi Yao Chen)

(Photo courtesy of Zi Yao Chen)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On the evening of Saturday (July 27), as lighting storms rolled across Taiwan’s eastern seaboard, a photographer in Hualien was anxiously watching the skies to capture the spectacular moment.

Photographer Zi Yao Chen captured this brilliant image of lightning flashing over Hualien City taken shortly after 8:30 p.m. The photographer remarked on his Facebook page that waiting for the lighting strikes filled him with a sense of excitement and fascination.

In the photo, the lightning bolt casts a beautiful violet hue across the sky, with Hualien City visible just over the horizon. The Pacific Ocean is also just barely visible on the leftmost side of the image, and the small vendors' tents in the foreground provide a clear sense of depth and a touch of Taiwanese flavor to the image overall.

(Photo courtesy of Zi Yao Chen)

In the image from the Central Weather Bureau below, one can view the weather patterns and pockets of storms on Taiwan’s coasts Saturday night as the photo was taken.

(CWB Image)