Formosan black bear cub rescued by farmer in Taitung, Taiwan

Bear was found on banana plantation being chased by two large dogs

Formosan Black Bear cub in Taitung

Formosan Black Bear cub in Taitung (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (CNA) -- A young Formosan black bear that apparently strayed away from its mother, was rescued by a local farmer in Taitung County Saturday.

Wang Wan-yu (王萬有), the farmer, said he found the cub on a banana plantation at around noon being chased by two large dogs.

There was no sign of its mother nearby, Wang said, adding that he placed the bear in a cage at a nearby fishing pond until authorities arrived to assist in the matter.

Chiu Hsiao-cheng (邱曉徵), an official with the Taitung Forest District Office's Guanshan Station, said judging by the size of the cub it is around a month old and somehow became separated from its mother.

An adult black bear has been seen roaming the surrounding plantations in recent days, according to the fishing pond operator.

According to the forest district office, it is planning to put the cub in a more spacious cage in the area where it was found, so that the bear's mother can come back and find the cub.

The cage will be remotely controlled so as to facilitate the cub's release, said Liu Chiung-lien (劉瓊蓮), director of Taitung Forest District Office.

Veterinarians from the Taitung Animal Disease Control Center have checked the rescued animal for injuries and other health issues.

The Formosan black bear is an endangered species and the Taiwan Black Bear Conservation Association (TBBCA) estimates only about 200-600 black bears live in the wilderness.

(CNA photo)