Taiwan Culinary Exhibition 2019 to offer multicultural fare, cooking classroom

Exhibition encourages blood donations for free entry

Taiwan Culinary Exhibition 2019 has kicked off today (Jul. 26) in TWTC Hall 1. (Taiwan News photo)

Taiwan Culinary Exhibition 2019 has kicked off today (Jul. 26) in TWTC Hall 1. (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — This year's Taiwan Culinary Exhibition, the country's cuisine carnival, is showcasing signature Taiwanese and international cuisines from today (Jul. 26) to July 29 in Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center.

The organizer, the Taiwan Visitors Association (TVA) (台灣觀光協會), has set up five main pavilions for use by hundreds of vendors, including renowned restaurants, luxury hotels, government agencies, and vendors from Japan and Vietnam. There are also free food sample and bargain products along with activities and live performances.

The chairwoman of the TVA, Yeh Chu-lan (葉菊蘭), stated that the food-oriented event is a good way to promote Taiwanese tourism. The exhibition has, therefore, organized activities both entertaining and informative to bring out the essence of Taiwanese food culture.

Yeh further pointed out that in order to attract more tourists with local food, the association has designated August "Taiwanese Cuisine Month" (台灣美食月). Taiwan Vice President Chen Chien-Jen (陳建仁) explained that all kinds of Taiwanese food have been recognized internationally, such as those recommended in the prestigious Michelin Guide.

In addition, nearly 200 restaurants and hotels offer halal food, which shows the diversity of cuisines in Taiwan as seen in the exhibition's Muslim Culinary Pavilion, said Chen.

Chen noted that Taiwanese bubble tea has become a popular beverage recently among Japanese, who have even used its ingredients to create new dishes. However, he claims, the finest bubble tea can only be tasted in its native Taiwan.

Apart from the main pavilions, the Culinary Classroom (廚藝教室), which was packed with people last year, has been expanded to two classrooms where would-be chefs can learn how to make Taiwanese favorites such as salted egg yolk pumpkin, winter melon bubble tea, and cold noodles. The area is also to feature live cooking performances from popular chefs from various regions.

The exhibition is also hosting a charity event, with those who donate blood being given free entry. A variety of activities, including batik art workshops, a room for trying on Muslim costumes, and forums are also open to the public.

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Muslim food in themed pavilion. (Taiwan News photo)

Free food sample of indigenous dish millet abai (小米阿粨). (Taiwan News photo)

The Culinary Classroom was packed last year, said the organizer. (Taiwan News photo)