Five Taiwanese VR films nominated for Venice Film Festival

Venice Film Festival announced shortlist on July 25

VR film titled "O" (Source: HTC VIVE ORIGINALS)

VR film titled "O" (Source: HTC VIVE ORIGINALS)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Five Taiwanese virtual reality (VR) films, including “O,” “Only the Mountain Remains” (山行), “Inori” (祈禱), “Gloomy Eyes” (咕魯米的眼睛), and “The Making of” (幕後) were nominated for awards at the 76th Venice Film Festival on July 25, Radio Taiwan International (RTI) reports.

The general manager of HTC VIVE ORIGINALS, Liu Sih-ming (劉思銘), told the radio station that the nominations are a milestone for VR films globally. He added that it is also an important moment for the domestic cultural and creative industry, as well as a step forward for HTC's development of a complete VR industrial ecosystem.

The VR films “O,” “Only the Mountain Remains,” and VR animation “Gloomy Eyes” will compete for “Best VR Immersive Work” and “Best VR Immersive Story for linear content,” while the VR interactive artwork “Inori” was nominated for “Best VR Immersive Experience for interactive content.” “The Making of” was nominated for “VR Best of – Out of Competition,” since it has already been nominated for awards at the South by Southwest Film Festival.

VR animation titled "The Gloomy Eyes" (Source: HTC VIVE ORIGINALS)

Among the nominated films, “O,” “Only the Mountain Remains,” and “The Making of” are three of the five short films in the “5x1” project, a joint production by HTC VIVE ORIGINALS and the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee. “Gloomy Eyes” was a jointly produced by HTC VIVE ORIGINALS and French studio Atlas V, while “Inori” was a collaboration between HTC VIVE ORIGINALS, contemporary Japanese artist Miwa Komatsu (小松美羽), and music producer Kay Huang (黃韻玲).

VR interactive artwork titled "Inori" (Source: HTC VIVE ORIGINALS)

Wei Liang Chiang (曾威量), director of “Only the Mountain Remains,” told the RTI that the inspiration for his work was to let viewers experience the fear, despair, and helplessness of missing foreign workers. Chao Te-yin (趙德胤), director of “The Making of” said that the nomination shows that creating art requires adopting and experimenting with new technologies and techniques.

VR film titled "Only the Mountain Remains" (Source: HTC VIVE ORIGINALS)

VR film titled "The Making of" (Source: HTC VIVE ORIGINALS)