lists Taiwan as 'Taiwan, China,' Taiwanese netizens furious

Facebook forum members encouraged to boycott Ctrip-affiliated websites

A post discussing Taiwan's listing on (from 肯腦濕的人生相談室)

A post discussing Taiwan's listing on (from 肯腦濕的人生相談室)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A number of websites including and Skyscanner have incurred the fury of Taiwanese netizens by listing Taiwan as “Taiwan, China.”

A viral post on the Facebook page Kens Talking (肯腦濕的人生相談室) outed travel websites that list Taiwan as part of China. Commenters promised to boycott any companies affiliated with Ctrip – the Chinese parent company of many major travel sites.

Popular websites like and Skyscanner fall under the Ctrip banner, while they also hold majority stakes in the Taiwan-based EZ Travel and Hong Kong-based Wing On Travel agencies. Netizens were infuriated by the brazen lack of respect for Taiwan’s sovereignty coming from such ubiquitous websites and were astonished to find out that they were now owned by Ctrip.

Ctrip has come under scrutiny from within China before due to numerous incidents in which customers were quoted cancellation fees equal to the full price of their airfare or refused refunds just minutes after making bookings, reports the Liberty Times. Some netizens offered advice on how to avoid contributing to Ctrip, suggesting that travelers use Skyscanner to search for flights but purchase tickets from other websites or boycott the website altogether.

A comment on the post reminded members to be wary about protecting their personal information when using Ctrip-affiliated websites. There are various alternatives to Skyscanner that list Taiwan as “Taiwan,” including Expedia, CheapOAir, and Priceline.