Institute for Information Industry celebrates 40th Anniversary


The Institute for Information Industry (III) held its 40th Anniversary Reception on July 24. Distinguished guests in attendance included Executive Yuan’s Minister Without Portfolio, Kung Ming-hsin, Minister of Economic Affairs, Shen Jong-chin, American Institute in Taiwan Acting Director, Raymond Greene and Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, Chief Deputy Representative, Hoshino Mitsuaki. Their presence at the celebration, alongside long-time friends of III from the industry, government and academia, reflected the recognition of the Institute’s contribution towards Taiwan over the past 40 years, which includes supporting Taiwanese companies in digital transformation, bridging digital divide in remote areas, while leading the pack in implementing innovative technology. The celebration also marked the milestone as III looked towards the coming decade.

During his remarks, Minister Kung Ming-hsin indicated that the Institute for Information Industry sowed the crucial seeds for “Information Technology” in Taiwan, serving different supporting roles during the development of the ICT industry. Today, amid the wave of digital transformation, III also joined the ranks of supporting Taiwanese industries in providing digital transformation technology and solutions. In particular, Minister Kung stated that, during President Tsai Ing-Wen’s recent Journey of Freedom, Democracy and Sustainability, the initiation of the joint “Intelligent Bus Management & Monitoring System Project” was the first-ever Smart City System Integration Export project established with a diplomatic ally. The Project was made possible through the concerted effort between III and Taiwanese companies, serving as a key accomplishment supporting the digital transformation for diplomatic allies.

Minister of Economic Affairs, Shen Jong-chin highlighted III’s contribution towards Taiwan’s industry as a whole in his remarks. Under the think tank advisory role, III drafted technology legislations and it also utilized its software R&D capacity in supporting the development of various industries. Take for instance, in terms of industrial application, III not only assisted companies in developing smart systems (ex: NIP EI-Paas, an Industrial IoT Cloud Platform jointly developed with Advantech, currently in use by 140 SME members), but also supported the manufacturing production process upgrade to realize the goal of Industry 4.0. Minister Shen also stressed that III’s “Small School Alliance,” a remote, on-line learning project, helped with closing the digital divide for 771 schools and 28,568 participation counts in remote regions and underprivileged communities.

III Chairman Chih-Kung Lee also mentioned that two years ago, also on July 24th, the Ministry of Economic of Affairs held a press conference to discuss the Reform the Non-Profit Organizations Affiliated with the Ministry. The reform was in response to the external challenges and industry demands, as well as long-time expectations from the society towards these organizations. During this process, III identified its new positioning as the “Digital Transformation Enabler.” Chairman Lee further hoped that in the next 40 years, III must will take on more advanced technology elements and in turn collaborate with more partners from the industry, academia and research field, while jointly demonstrating and promoting the new generation of talent and working style that focuses on “Work Smart, Smart Transformation and Smart Revolution.” These are also principles that III strives to work towards as the “Digital Transformation Enabler,” while proactively finding new opportunities for the different industries in Taiwan.