American Institute in Taiwan raises alarm on Triad-CCP collusion in Hong Kong

Escalation of China-backed violence in Hong Kong parallels gang violence in Taiwan in recent years

Triad gang members confront protesters in Hong Kong

Triad gang members confront protesters in Hong Kong (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) is raising the alarm over the increasing violence in Hong Kong and the likely coordination between the CCP and pro-China gangs in the city.

In a Facebook post on Thursday (July 25), AIT shared a Washington Post article discussing the links between Hong Kong’s triad gangs and agents of the Chinese Communist Party. The article notes the increasing worry of Hong Kong residents and activists that things may be moving towards a more violent confrontation than the ones seen this past weekend.

This week, China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) released a white paper which insists that Beijing is prepared to use violence to quell dissent in Hong Kong and that the CCP is also willing to attack to Taiwan to defeat “separatist” elements. The military spokesman Wu Qian (吳謙) also indicated that the PLA garrison in Hong Kong is ready to move on protestors if the city government requests their assistance.

There is already speculation that some PLA troops disguised as triad thugs may already be preparing to coordinate offensive attacks on pro-democracy protestors in the city in the coming days or weeks.

The post from AIT also mentions an article by J. Michael Cole, published in Foreign Policy magazine this week, which notes that the behavior of pro-China gangsters in Hong Kong has a number of clear parallels with gang violence in Taiwan in recent years, perpetrated by pro-CCP agents with the intent of creating instability and a lack of trust in Taiwan’s democratic institutions.

See AIT’s full Facebook post below.