Enraged woman tries to stab labor official in New Taipei

Employment Services employee tries to stab Labor Affairs official in New Taipei City

Stock image from pxhere.

Stock image from pxhere.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A female Employment Services Office employee tried to stab the deputy director of the Labor Affairs Bureau in New Taipei City this morning (July 25).

A 40-year-old female employee of the New Taipei Employment Services Office surnamed Wang (王) tried to stab city's Labor Affairs Bureau Deputy Director Wu Jen-yu (吳仁煜) this morning, reported CNA. Wang has reportedly been engaged in an ongoing dispute with Wu and apparently decided to lie in wait for him today in an attempt to kill him.

According to an eyewitness account, Wang was seen waiting outside the elevator in the public space in the lobby of the Labor Affairs Bureau on the seventh floor of the city government building at around 8 a.m. this morning. As Wu stepped out of the elevator on his way to his office, Wang suddenly pulled out what appeared to be a 40-centimeter-long fruit knife and lunged toward Wu, according to the local media reports.

Wu immediately ran into his office to evade Wang's assault. Some employees who witnessed the incident called the police, while several others surrounded Wang and dissuaded her from continuing the rampage, reported UDN.

City government security guards then rushed onto the scene to subdue Wang, who appeared to be suffering from mental illness and emotional distress, reported CNA. Wu was fortunately not injured during the assault.

According to a preliminary investigation by the Labor Affairs Bureau, Wang is a staff member of the Employment Services Office. The office is located near Banqiao Station across the street from the city government building.

The Labor Affairs Bureau said that Wang had complained repeatedly about Wu before he had become deputy director. She claimed that Wu had unfairly singled her out for her work performance and attitude.

However, after an investigation and intervention by Employment Services personnel and relevant units, the content of her complaints were found to be mostly misunderstandings. They also found that Wang was in a poor mental state and advised her to seek medical treatment.

Police took Wang in for questioning and are currently investigating the incident.